Brussels, November 2022

BArFlâneuse (©2022)
NFTs are digital works (in best case scenarios digital images, videoart, music, etc.) that are registered (with a digital authentication) on the blockchain, for sales and copyright.

“Why NFTs?
I’ve always been more of a project sprinter than marathon runner, not easy for someone mostly doing animation, one the longest and often tedious creative works.
When I heard about NFTs, about two years ago, the concept resonated loudly with me: spontaneous spurts of creativity that could be channeled into a recognizable digital shape that could EVEN be sold in specific marketplaces. It seemed like a dream come true… but… yes, the Blockchain… ouf, not an easy one to step in… still not easy now after lots of reading, video tutorials and research.

But here I am, with a brand new project almost ready to start.”