Brussels, March 2022

Why NFTs?
I’ve always been more of a project sprinter than a marathon runner, possibly with a slight form of ADD, not an easy thing for someone that likes doing animation, which can be one the longest and most tedious creative works.
When I first heard about NFTs, about a year ago, it resonated with me a lot, brief spurts of creativity that could be channeled into a recognizable shape that could EVEN be sold. It seemed like a dream come true… but… yes, blockchain… ouf, not an easy one to step in… still not easy now after lots of reading, video tutorials and research.

But here I am, I’ve just uploaded the first 10 pieces and I will be, slowly, building my collections.
I’m planning on making a few series with the animation materials that I produced already and a few brand new.

I will be working with Rarible and Opensea, with both Ethereum and Polygon until I have a better idea of which suits me best.

In any case all this work will be decorated with the obvious mistakes and errors of a neophyte.

You can find my NFTs for sale HERE:


A closer look at my NFTs

(please be a little patient, I chose gifs for site preview but they do take a bit to upload)


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