Sequences, the NFT project

Wave Small

It all started in 2019 with the image of a wave, I was trying to capture the different “stages” of its beautifully soft movement. To me they represented the endless changes of what is inside and outside of us. Emotional waves, with their forward and backward movements, in a changing environment.

Two years later my NFT project is ready. It consists of a series of … photographic images with some incursions in video.

With “Sequences” I am trying to challenge the idea that photography can only show an instant, freeze a moment. I want to expand this with motion, a feeling of passing time and a sense of impermanence.

Below are a few of the (over 20) images and one of the videos.
I’m in the process of finding the best marketplace for these works.





If you can, PLEASE watch this FULL SCREEN, and 4K, thanks 4K